In need of Delicious and Stunning birthday cakes that has great taste and marvellous designs?

There are so many birthday cake options in the market and how do you know which one is good for you? Well Our bakery in Dublin, Ireland is one of the best customer friendly home bakeries in Ireland through:

  • sourcing local ingredients

  • using fresh and organic fruits

  • customising cakes to suit your birthday theme

  • or baking similar cake as seen on pictures (up to 95% of accuracy)  

Novelty Birthday Cakes

Birthday is important for everyone and they reveal the significance of our existence in this world. They are materialised by our loved ones through celebrating them every year. And birthdays with no cakes are like honey without sweetness. This is why our every cake receive the attention of love and care to make this day a special event.

We have put together some example below here:

We decorate with icing, creams or leave as the naked cake, as you wish. With customized cakes for birthday, you can either send us a picture and we make similar or instead send us an idea and we surprise you (before of course we let you know what is in our mind). 

Call us now to talk about your own custom cake that you wish to purchase for a birthday.

21st Birthday cakes - Fun, exotic, crazy.  

From impressive designs to fine baking, a lot goes into making the perfect cake 21st birthday. In fact, when planning for a 21st birthday celebration we take extra care for this important day. 

Why order a cake from us? 

  • Taste and Design - a good looking cake is an excellent way to tempt your guests to bite into it. However, not having a good taste can ruin the impression of the party as well. That's exactly were Eve specialises in: a taste of a cake which for her is the most important factor. Many people who try her cakes know that and always come back for us. So why don't you take your time and explore what we can do?

  • Deliver on time - Our Bakery in Dublin, Ireland offers complimentary home delivery and you can also pick the cake at our bakery depending on your convenience.

  • Wallet-friendly - Many cakes with great taste and marvellous designs that are offered by our bakery are at very affordable prices. We choose the right theme for our clients for this matter or they may choose for themselves. We choose according to the taste and the style of the cake and not according to the price range. Our delivery fee is also cheap.

We make all decoration types - Themed birthday cakes are gaining more popularity for the extra excitement and the surprise they create. Aside from the colourful icing and the little sugar flavours a lot of other decorations can be incorporated on the cake. Read 10 amazing themed cakes for adults.


These aren't just for children. Adults have the right to make their wishes too. Adding a personal touch to the cake can create a big difference to whatever you have chosen as the token of love and care for the person in your life. A good treat is to have a full-colour photo of the celebrator printed on the icing of the cake.

If the birthday celebrator is a big sports fan, you can have a cake shaped like a basketball player about to dunk or a soccer player kicking the ball. You can have sports car shaped-cake. Or if the celebrator is a doctor, you can have one resembling a physician complete with a lab coat and a stethoscope. Imagine the delight of everyone at that! And these cakes are not just decorous, not only are they fun to look at but all are so tasty. You can be sure that most people will remember and think about them for days, weeks, or years. 



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For all the kids, family, friends or your parents, we will meet all your needs.

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