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Celebrating the third sacrament of initiation, a confirmation is one of the biggest occasions in the life of a Catholic boy or girl. When a child reaches around the age of 14, which can differ due to circumstances  – An age where he/she is able to understand the difficulties of living a Christian belief.


All children of Catholic faith across the globe celebrate the day of their confirmation with joy and happiness. And did you know that Many churches even consider this occasion crucial before their first marriage?

Irrespective of how small or big the celebration is, confirmation cakes are becoming a part of every family celebration. Please let us prepare a cake for your child confirmation, and will make sure it’s essentially one of the most beautiful cakes you’ve.

Also, it’s important for church perspective that before being confirmed an individual must have done their first holy communion, which cakes we also provide.

The evolution of cakes for confirmation.

During the earlier days, it was a ritual for the parents to prepare the confirmation cake at home. Mostly for the lack of bakeries back then and also, the celebrations took place at their house. 

With the boom of bakeries throughout the globe, the humble confirmation cakes also had a face-lift. For us, it means prepare different types of confirmation cakes to match the preference character of the child and/or their parents. A confirmation cake is no longer a simple pound cake.

These cakes have:

  1. Complex layers

  2. Textures

  3. Different flavour profiles.

Unlike olden times, the confirmation cake is on a whole another level of pastry now. With themes and layers incorporated into the cake, the confirmation cake is no longer a small decision to make. 

All parents discuss the type of cake with us and choose a confirmation cake design suitable. If you choose us we’ll make sure that we’re capable of creating a confirmation cake the way parents and the children have envisioned it.

Designs that you can choose for you Confirmation cakes:

While many bakers still believe in the idea of a simple confirmation cake, more often than not, both the parents and the boy prefer to choose a lavish cake for the first celebration in the boy’s life. 

Many of our designs involve followings:

  1. docile lace design,

  2. floral swags,

  3. framed detailing,

  4. lattice lace stencilling,

  5. petunia blossoms,

  6. an ornamental white cross,

  7. jewelled cross,

  8. pearl rosary beads, etc.

These are just some of the designs and patterns available in the market while choosing a confirmation cake. 

Why Choose us to prepare your confirmation cake:

Choosing a baker is just as important as zeroing in on a cake design. There are many bakers around Ireland but we differ in a way that our Confirmation cakes are…


…made to the interests of the child without letting go of the holistic vibe of the day. Many bakers prepare confirmation cakes to take away; this doesn’t allow the parents to design a cake with their child for their big day. But with us we’ll make sure that you’re preferences is considered and you will receive a cake that is exactly what have you been looking for.


Confirmation cakes are not something that can be avoided from the celebration for the sacrament of confirmation. It is a fun, exciting and important event that will be remembered by your children. So, why not have a fancy cake baked for your child’s happiness.

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