Best Chocolate biscuit cake in Dublin - Cake that satisfies!

Are you craving something rich, decadent and all around delicious?


If so then you are in luck! Look no further than our most-wanted chocolate biscuit cake in Dublin.


It is a must-have dessert for your next event, birthday or just for a happy hour.

This traditional European dessert has been a long-time favourite among royalty and common people alike and it’s no surprise as to why.


In fact, Prince William and Catherine Middleton chose to have this delicious cake as their groom's cake! This cake truly has it all:

  • With its crispy and buttery biscuit

  • its silky smooth and moist chocolate base

  • the chocolate biscuit cake is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

How good is this cake depends all about how it's made!

A cake is only as good as the bakers who make it. Luckily for you, our bakers here in Dublin are talented professionals who put their heart and soul into everything we make. This is especially true when including our chocolate biscuit cake which has been a favourite among our customers for years.


Here’s our secret to success:

Highest quality ingredients

These ingredients include ethically sourced chocolate that has been grown from fairtrade cocoa beans and crafted from chocolate makers with a long history of chocolate making. The chocolate that we use is in its purest form which ensures that you are tasting real cocoa instead of artificially flavoured taste. Another important ingredient that we use are are locally bought biscuits from here in Dublin to emphasize a homemade and comforting taste like no other.

Customised to your preferences

We make customised chocolate biscuit cake just as with every other cake we bake. We also happen to believe that no order is too small, which means that you can treat yourself or a small group of friends to a well-deserved indulgence as well. Due to its diverse nature, the chocolate biscuit cake is perfect for any sweet craving you might have.

Perfect for any occasion....

Due to its diverse nature, our chocolate biscuit cake is perfect for a birthday, graduation, holiday or any other celebration. We believe that our customers deserve a life of happiness and this is why we are here to cater to every need that our customers have. We believe that no order is too big which means that our cakes can be acquired for as many people as you have on your guest list.

FAQ about our biscuit cake:

​Here are frequently asked question about form our customers:

  • How long does Chocolate biscuit cake last for? 

Answer: If refrigerated up to 2 weeks. However if freeze then few months (just take out few hours before eating).

  • How long before i should order a biscuit cake?

Answer: Due to high demand we recommend ordering cake for minimum 2 weeks before the event. 

  • What size cake should I order?

Answer: The cake size of the cake depends about how many its going to serve. Call us at 0857707956 to discuss it further. 

There is never a time not to eat cake

 - Hurry, order now!


Call now before it's too late as we mentioned above we need minimum of 2 weeks of notice. 


Also some people may have reserved their cakes months before so you don't want to miss out a cake for your special day.

Call or message Eve at 0857707956.








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