Delicious Cupcakes in Dublin - delivered to your door.

In every occasion that we celebrate cupcakes can add extra fun when serving a desert in the party. After eating almost everything, next up is the mouthwatering dessert that comes in the form of cakes or cupcakes. Also often bought together to match the theme of your special day. A cupcake is designed a smaller version of the cake, specifically made for one person. Our cupcakes come in different flavours and toppings but with the same level of satisfaction for sweetness as a cake. 

We have many different occasion cupcakes: 

  1. Birthday Cupcakes

  2. Wedding Cupcakes

  3. Christening cupcakes

  4. Red velvet cupcakes

  5. Green velvet cupcakes

We decorate with buttercream, whipped cream or icing, or leave as naked cupcakes. You can either choose cupcakes from our pictures and we make them with up to 95% of accuracy or send us a picture/idea and we make customise them especially for you. 

1. Birthday cupcakes that can be customized to your party theme!


If you have been to a kiddie party, you'll definitely know that kids love cakes and cupcakes. However, it's not only children but also adults who love the sweetness and surely they also deserve it.


The things that make our special are:

  • The appearance of the cupcakes we offer - customised cupcakes for the theme of the birthday party, either superhero theme, princess theme and many more.

  • Different flavours according to your preference.

  • Our cupcakes are moist and tasty compared to other bakeries in dublin that usually have a dry and plain taste

Anyone who has tried our cupcakes well in love because of the right amount of sweetness of the cupcake and the top filling. Balanced between those two are most important. And that's what we focus: a balance between the moisture of sponge, sweetness and little sourness to make the taste so amazingly good. The last thing you want to get is a too dry or too sweet and not enjoyable cupcake. This is the reason why should you buy our cupcakes to avoid this. 

2.Stunning & delicious cupcakes for a wedding


At the wedding reception, the first thing to spot is the wedding cake together with the cupcakes for each visitor. Wedding cupcakes may leave a good remark from the visitors because most of the time wedding cupcakes are not served to the visitors. In our bakery, we offer wedding cupcakes that will surely leave your visitors in awe because we can create the prettiest cupcake for your wedding.


The bride and groom can also give their respective look, the flavour and the design that they want for their cupcakes. Beautiful frosting and toppings will give a better taste for the cupcakes as well as the combination of the cupcake flavour itself with the frosting chosen.

3. Christening cupcakes to make this day more special and remembered. 


Christening is a big part of a child's life, therefore the parents should make it special and memorable. Godparents will serve as the second parents of a child as soon as they commit during the christening. With that being said, special food is also often provided to special people. One such can be cupcakes made especially for them. Christening cupcakes can come with special designs, sometimes with a picture of the child or a small banner stating the date of the special occasion. Special toppings may also be added depending on the preferences.

Here you can find 91 ideas for you christening cupcakes. Choose which you like most and contact us to customise your own Christening cupcake as we only make these per request.


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4. Red velvet cupcakes - Dublin's most wanted! 


5. Green velvet cupcakes - healthier version of cup cakes.