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5 Most Popular Birthday Cakes in Dublin

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

This article is a countdown of the most popular birthday cakes that have been ordered from Eves Cakes with a delivery in Dublin.

White and Pink Strokes Birthday Cake

If you need to order a cake but you are lost what to order, this article may just inspire you. Also, if you live in Dublin, you may choose to order a cake from us, we also offer a delivery service in Dublin and in the nearby areas. All of our cakes taste delicious and moist, and they look stunning. Delicious and stunning is our motto!

1. Stunning Red Velvet

Red velvet has a very interesting history which you can read right here. It is the most popular birthday cake we get ordered every week.

My red velvet frosting is made with cream cheese and mascarpone giving it a creamy deliciousness. I also add a splash of lemon juice to balance the creaminess.

It does taste a bit like cheese cake. So if you find normal buttercream cakes too buttery and sweet, you may just love red velvet cake.

2. Chocolate Drip Cake

This is a must for chocolate lovers. Moist chocolate sponge covered in chocolate buttercream and decorated with chocolate drip, chocolate sweets and buttercream flowers.

I can even smear chocolate into the final layer of buttercream when I am doing the final coating. All things chocolate!

Though there is a lot of chocolate in this cake, I don’t use a lot of sugar, so the cake is chocolatey but not overwhelmingly sugary sweet.

It is really the most indulgent chocolate cake.

3. White and Pink Stokes with Flowers and Macaroons

This cake is perfect for birthdays but also for graduations, engagements, hen parties and even just dinner parties.

It is vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream and decorated with pink buttercream strokes, macaroons and fresh flowers. The inside of the cake can of course be made into chocolate, red velvet, lemon, coffee or any other flavour.

4. Number Cake for a Birthday - It's only a Number!

This is a sweet little cake, it looks like a large version of a French pastry Mille-Feuille which translates “thousand layers”.

Even though the number cake only has two layers, it has a very stunning and unique look to it. We decorate it with fresh edible flowers, macaroons, chocolate sweets, meringue kisses or as requested.

Buttercream is dotted between the layers and on top. Again, this one can be made into any flavour.

What better way to say that age is only a number!

5. Birthday Cupcakes

Ever increasing birthday cake option is cupcakes. For some families having a big cake can be too much, and they might prefer cupcakes. Easier to portion control and less hassle. Besides cupcakes have not lost their popularity. My cupcakes have a fluffy moist sponge and a luscious buttercream frosting. I now like to decorate my cupcakes with macaroons, berries, fresh flowers, and sweets.

See my cupcake selection here and on my Instagram page.

Again, cupcakes are perfect for birthdays, but also for Valentines day, baby showers, graduation, communion and for engagement celebrations.

In the COVID pandemic, I got a lot of orders for wedding cupcakes for weddings that were postponed.

For whatever the occasion, cupcakes are a nice little treat to send somebody. I also offer delivery in Dublin for only €5!

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