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How To Make A Chocolate Biscuit Wedding Cake?

A Recipe For Small Chocolate Biscuit Wedding Cake for 40-50 people

The idea to make your own wedding cake can be tempting and daunting at the same time. However, being a baker for most of my life, I think with the right recipe and good planning, it very possible for anyone to make their own wedding cake.

Here, I share my quick wedding cake recipe idea which I believe will be manageable for all levels.

Tips Keep In Mind!

Keep in mind, no cake looks perfect, and sometimes we may look for extra flaws in our own work. So level your expectations. What does a wedding cake mean to you and what are where are you willing to compromise? Also, you can easily cover up any "flaws" with decorations.

Do a trial run. Way before you decide to make your own cake, do a trial run. You don't have to do the full size cake but perhaps half portion. See how the sugar fondant works out for you. And which decorations you can manage to make the cake look nice.

Start the cake 2 days before your wedding day. The cake will set overnight so it is hard for covering with sugar fondant. Once the cake is covered in fondant it is airtight and will not go soft or stale. And chocolate biscuit keeps for 2 weeks anyway...so if you want you can make it even earlier.


This is a small cake but since it is chocolate biscuit cake then the servings can be small so this cake is suitable for a wedding party of 20 up to 40 - 50 people. This depends on the serving size whether you go for dessert size or finger size serving.

Why A Chocolate Biscuit Cake?

This recipe uses chocolate biscuit cake as the cake flavour. I do this so there is no need to mess around with supporting the bottom layer.

You see normally, when you add several tiers of cake on top of each other, the weight of the top tier can make the bottom tier sink. And thus, good supporting system is needed so that the cake holds a good structure.

But I think if you are attempting your own wedding cake, then chocolate biscuit cake is strong and heavy, and will hold the top layer beautifully. So this makes making a wedding cake a lot easier and worry free.

Also, chocolate biscuit cake is the most popular cake in Ireland, and it is loved by children and adults alike.


750g butter

900g dark chocolate

900g milk chocolate

9 tablespoons golden syrup

300ml fresh cream

600g digestive biscuits

600g tea biscuits

1kg of Ready to Roll Icing (supermarket brands will work perfectly)

Method For Chocolate Biscuit Wedding Cake

1. Melt butter on low heat in a large pot or saucepan.

2. Add cubed chocolate to the melted butter. Mix until all is melted and combined.

3. Add golden syrup and fresh cream, mix again.

4. Remove the pot from the heat.

5. Roughly chop and crush biscuits. Add them to the chocolate mixture. Mix well until all is evenly covered in chocolate mixture. (Use a strong wooden spoon as it will be difficult to mix.)

6. Divide the mixture in the 6 inch and 10 inch round baking tin. Press and smooth the top.

7. Place the baking tins in a fridge to set overnight (or until its is hard and sets which can take up to 6 hours).

8. Next day, remove tins from the fridge. To remove the cakes from the baking tins using a thin knife to slowly edge between the cake and the tin. Then the cake should come away easily.

9. Place the larger cake on a 12" cake board and the smaller cake on a 6" cake board. To stick the cakes on the board you can use a teaspoon of butter to spread in the middle of the cake board where the cake will go.

10. Roll the fondant icing thinly (about 0.5-1 cm thick) and roughly 12"x12" size. Place this over the larger cake so that all sides are covered. Using a technique of pulling, stretching and smoothing the fondant will cover each part of the cake nicely. Here is a video to show you how to do it.

11. Repeat the same with the smaller cake but this time roll out the icing approx. 8"x8". As the cake board for the smaller cake is 6", the same size as the cake, then the fondant should cover the edges of the board and make it invisible.

12. Place the smaller cake in the middle of the larger cake and press gently.

13. Hide the edges of the cakes with sprinkles, pearls, ribbon and pipe a little bit of buttercream in small dots as on the picture below.

14. Cover the cake with your chosen decorations, such a fresh flowers, fondant butterflies and other decorations.

But if you don't feel up to the challenge, then contact me or your local baker to make you a chocolate biscuit wedding cake.

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