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What is Ruby Chocolate Ganache? The best new flavour of cake!

Ruby Chocolate

This is a quick article to tell you about my new passion project! If you are bored of the old vanilla buttercream cake and are looking to get something new and exciting in Dublin, then search no more. Ruby chocolate ganache is made out of ruby chocolate. And in this post I am going to tell you all about it!

Why Ruby Ganache?

I make so many cakes for my Dublin customers, and I enjoy creating new flavours and designs for birthday, wedding and communion cakes. Ruby ganache is a new flavour that I have included in my range and I absolutely love working with. If you have ever tasted ruby chocolate you know it tastes a bit like white chocolate with red berries.

Ruby chocolate has naturally higher acidity however, chocolate makers tend to add some ascorbic acid to increase the flavour even more. And that is OK, it really does work with the chocolate. But the most wonderful thing about ruby chocolate is its natural pink colour.

Barry-Callebaut Ruby Chocolate

I use Barry-Callebaut chocolate for most of my cakes and cupcakes, and it’s their Ruby Chocolate that has me totally fallen in love! On their website, they even put up a sign to say "no colouring or berry flavour" used. And that makes sense, since I already said, it truly tastes of berries and has a wonderful pink colour.

Barry-Callebaut says just like grapes, cocoa beans are influenced by the area that they are grow in, and ruby chocolate beans can be found in Ecuador, Brazil or Ivory Coast.

They are either a little secretive (or elusive) explaining how ruby chocolate is produced. They say that components of certain coca beans can produce pink ruby chocolate with exceptional flavour.

Scepticism about Ruby Chocolate

There is some scepticism online regarding ruby chocolate, some say that it is made out to be more than it is. Nest & Glow website states that ruby chocolate is made out of the same cocoa beans as normal chocolate.

They say that cocoa beans grow in a purple pod and have a natural purple tint which is normally lost in the fermentation process. They suggest that ruby chocolate is made using less processes which help remain the purple colour which becomes pink in the chocolate making process.

What is Ruby Chocolate?

Ruby chocolate is a new version of chocolate which is made out of standard cocoa beans which go through less vigorous food processes which enables the chocolate to keep its natural purple tint. Ruby chocolate has a higher acidity due to added citric acid which results in a berry like flavour.

In the Mainstream

If you want to taste ruby chocolate before committing to it, then there is a few products that you can buy in the local shops here in Ireland that are made out of ruby chocolate.

Ruby Magnum

You might have noticed the Magnum ice cream new advert running here in Ireland for Magnum Ruby Chocolate. That is it! That is made out of ruby chocolate.

Ruby Chocolate Kitkat

KitKat has a ruby chocolate version of the their bar too which is available in SuperValu.

Ruby Chocolate Holland and Barrett

My online research shows that it is possible to get a ruby chocolate bar in Holland and Barrett.


Whether it is a new type of chocolate or the same chocolate but less processed, for me, it does not matter. It is something new and exciting, and it tastes absolutely delicious. And isn't less processed food better for us anyway?

If you are sold and would like to try Ruby Chocolate Ganache, then you can purchase my ruby chocolate ganache cake here.

Remember, I offer a delivery service in Dublin so you could have this delicious Ruby Chocolate Ganache Cake delivered to your door for a birthday or any special occasion!

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