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Wedding Cake Accessories

Wedding Cake Accessories in a Dublin Wedding

You have booked your wedding cake and yet you have a feeling that you might have missed something? You can be right, because with a wedding cake, you don't just have to think about the cake but also accessories that go with it. This is a quick guide to ensure you have the perfect wedding cake with all the bells and whistles!

Wedding Cake Topper

Silver Wedding Cake Topper

Traditional mini figurines are seen as little outdated especially the funny ones. However, I would say go with feels right for you. The best weddings are the ones that has some elements that mirrors the characters and personality of the couple.

My favourite toppers at the moment are the specially cut initials or Mr&Mrs topper. With design, material and colour, these can be customised to meet the couples style.

One couple I worked with went for a fabulous Vulcan Cake Topper, talk about showcasing personality and character!

Wedding Cake Stand

You can add a lot of height and grandeur to a cake with a beautiful cake stand. Especially for micro weddings, a cake stand makes even a small cake stand out nicely.

Cake stands come is different materials and heights. Some are even made out of natural and rustic wood. Choose a cake stand that matches your wedding style, whether its rustic, elegant or simple.

But remember, cake stand availability in Ireland is not always great, so plan your cake stand hire ahead or order one over the internet for the wedding and you can keep it afterwords for special occasions.

Make sure you know the size of the cake board your wedding cake is going on. And even mention it to the baker so they are aware and there is no last minutes changes or surprises.

How To Cut A Wedding Cake?

Cake Cutting Ceremony

Use a knife and not a server for a quick clean cut. And really, you need a small slice for two bites. Ask the venue if they provide a cake cutting knife and what options there are. Perhaps you have something nice you can bring from home or borrow from your parents?

It is traditional to cut from the bottom tier. This is for aesthetics for the picture. When the couple holds the knife together and cuts into their first cake as a married couple, it looks nicer if the tier they are cutting is about waist level (maybe a little higher).

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