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The Best Wedding Cake Service in Ireland 2020

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

I wanted to write an article about our wedding cake service in Dublin, Ireland. I know many weddings have been postponed in 2020 which means that 2021 will be a very busy time for weddings. And I wanted to write this so it might help couples with the process of choosing the flavour and the design for their wedding cake.

As 2021 will be a busy year, I suggest you book your wedding cake consultation as soon as possible to reserve your wedding cake.

Below are three steps for the wedding cake process at Eve’s Cakes.

1. Sampling box

Once you have decided to order a cake from me next thing will be the sampling. You can choose 6 flavours for your wedding cake from a list I will provide you with.

I will replicate these flavours in a cupcake or mini loaf form, and deliver the box to you for sampling.

Current wedding cake flavours are below. But if you have a different flavour in mind, I might be able to make that too. Flavours may change depending on popularity and availability.

  1. Decadent Carrot Cake with Walnuts

  2. Chocolate Guinness Cake

  3. Red Velvet Cake

  4. Chocolate and Raspberry

  5. Lemon Curd

  6. Chocolate Biscuit

  7. Plain Chocolate

  8. Plain Vanilla

  9. Seasalt Caramel Buttercream

To keep the cost of the wedding cakes down, the sampling is optional and is at an extra cost. However, I strongly recommend that you do sample before you decide. My cakes are moist, flavoursome and indulgent, and many couples change their minds after sampling.

Surprisingly, red velvet has become one of the most popular wedding cakes options. Here is an article why Red Velvet is a great option for wedding cakes.

2. Design of the cake

I like to make the cake really stand out with a few wow factor elements. I say few because I don't like overcrowd a wedding cake, the white glorious cake is still the focal point.

However, I like do like to add a bit of flair on wedding cakes with different design elements. After all, It is the centre point of your reception, and probably the most important cake you will ever order.

My go to decorations are handmade as macaroons, mini meringues, dried fruit, fresh flowers and a drip effect.

If a little colour is needed and it matches the couples taste I can add gold leaf or a few strokes of pastel buttercream. A little colour is good for a little oomph!

To help me to design the cake, I may ask the couple to write down the elements that describe them, inspire them both and/or other unique design elements of the wedding. These can be colours, the wedding dress or invitations.

I can accept images of cakes as a general guidance, but each cake maker has their own way of making and designing cakes and thus each cake is unique. Each cake I make will have my unique design touch.

There is also an article here on Wedding Cake Trends 2021 and here list of all wedding cakes we offer that may help you make your choice.

3. Delivery and Set Up

Currently we offer a free delivery and set up service on the morning of your wedding day within Dublin.

I don’t know if I am always able to offer this service for free but I hope you can take advantage of it while I can.

Please get in touch via email if you are looking for a wedding cake.

And please note some summer months will book up really fast, and I have bookings for the next 12-18 months. So once you have decided, I suggest you book in as early as possible to reserve your wedding cake.

All the best, Eve

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