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Wedding Cake Trends 2020 in Dublin

Small Yet Elegant Wedding Cake

I am sure that all the prediction for wedding cake trends 2020 went out the door as the pandemic continued to spread rapidly and affected lives of everyone on this planet. So instead of looking at estimated trends, we will show you what were the actual trends for wedding cakes in 2020.

2020 For Brave Couples Only

What an abysmal year! Several lock downs and restrictions affected to social gatherings

And yet, some brave couples when ahead with their wedding day. And that is understandable as the core meaning of a wedding is to celebrate the love of two people who have decided to spend their life together.

It should signify the start of a journey as a couple. However, nowadays, many couples live together long before they get married and might even have children before marriage. Marriage is a symbolic celebration to celebrate the love and commitment of two people for each other.

And thus, even if in 2020 we couldn't have large parties, couples still went ahead with a small intimate wedding celebration.

Elegant Multi-Tiered Blush Wedding Cake with Irish Roses

At the start of the year we still managed to squeeze in some elegant multi tiered wedding cakes in Dublin in the Cliff Town House. These are stunning show stoppers. Below cake was a four tier elegant blush pink wedding cake. The cake flavours were Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Cake.

Simple Modern Wedding Cake

Another elegant wedding cake in Crown Plaza Blanchardstown but this time a more modern look. Two bottom tiers had a textured buttercream finish and top one remained smooth. Decorated with white and pink flowers. The look for this cake is fresh, modern and fun. Flavours were Christmas cake and Lemon cake.

Rustic Chocolate Biscuit Wedding Cake with a Semi Naked Finish

This is a rustic style cake with a semi naked finish, a touch of gold leaf for colour and topped with beautiful floral arrangement and a golden wedding cake topper. The wooden cake stand add a beautiful rustic look at the Iveagh Garden Hotel in Dublin.

Colourful and Fun Flower Fantasy Wedding Cake

As the year went on, the multi-tiered wedding cakes got smaller and smaller. However, we were delighted to create this colourful Flower Fantasy Wedding Cake with gold leaf. Traditionally wedding cakes are always white so we love to add a little bit of colour. And colourful wedding cakes are perfect for a summer wedding.

Fun and Quirky Wedding Cake Ideas: Vulcan Cake Topper

This is a good example of how you can take a simple and traditional wedding cake and make it fun and quirky. The bride chose colourful orange and purple flowers and a unique Vulcan cake topper. That is what a wedding cake should all about, staying true to the couples individual style. The flavour of this cake was Cannolli which was a hint to the brides heritage.

Vulcan Cake Topper

Small Micro Wedding Cake

Officially our first small micro wedding cake of the year. This couple tied the know with the presence of the most important people...themselves. Yes, a wedding party of 2 people yet an elegant white modern wedding cake.

We stayed away from roses and lilies to add a touch of modern to this cake with smaller blossoms. Also gentle spring green ribbon suited the floral arrangement fantastically. The cake flavour was combo of chocolate ganache and salted caramel buttercream frosting.

Blush and Floral Small Wedding Cake

Another small wedding cake we made was this stunning blush cake with gold leaf and colourful rose arrangement. Colourful flowers and gold leaf can add a touch of contemporary look to any cake.

A Christmas Wedding Cake with Gold and Burgundy

This cake was just before Christmas at the Brooklodge in Wicklow. There is a certain elegance to a Christmas Wedding. Everyone is in a cheerful seasonal mood already, and the hotels and wedding venues are decked out for Christmas.

This bride asked for no pink roses anywhere near her cake!! And instead we use used burgundy and gold as the colours to go with the wedding and Christmas theme.

The cake was accompanied by gorgeous wedding cupcakes topped with macaroons.

Small, Tall & Fabulous Wedding Cake

Towards the end of the year we really got a hang of the smaller cakes and instead of making them wide and small, we decided to reach for the sky and make them tall.

This makes the small wedding cakes extremely elegant and luxurious. Bride's didn't have to settle for mediocre cakes and could still have fabulous cakes even for a small wedding.

Wedding Cupcake Tower

For us 2020 was a year of wedding cupcakes. Wedding cupcakes are great, easier for portion control, you know exactly how many you need to order and easier to eat!

We can make your wedding cupcakes super elegant with macaroons, sprinkles, fondant plaques and flowers.

A gallery of wedding cupcake ideas:

Not every wedding cake we did in 2020 fit into this article however, I do believe it does give an idea of the styles and trends of the cakes in 2020.

The main themes for us was how to make a small cake look fabulous and elegant. And I believe we have cracked it!

We don't know what 2021 holds for us, but one thing is for sure, couples who are tying a knot, can have an elegant wedding cake whether it is big or small.

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