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Wedding Cake Trends 2021

Updated: Sep 24

Many weddings will be postponed to 2021, which gives us an extra year for planning. But that means that year 2021 will be booming with weddings! I wanted to write this article to go through wedding cake trends for 2021. So that each bride is up-to-date with the latest fabulous wedding cake options before committing!

Buttercream Beauties

In the last year, there has been a huge change in the cakes that I make. When I entered the cake industry, it was all about fondant and fondant decorations.

But I could see the exciting and beautiful buttercream cake trends emerging from other continents.

But it took a while to get to Ireland. But I believe it is getting established here in Ireland now.

I think social media platforms are really speeding the cake trends movements around the world.

In the past year if I was given complete freedom to make a cake for someone, I would have always made a beautiful tall buttercream cake.

And now more and more people write to me on social media asking for these cakes.

Whilst there are some beautiful techniques with fondant such as marble effect and golden edge, I see tall buttercream cakes much more trendy at the moment.

So down with fondant and up with the buttercream. Please see my buttercream wedding cake selection here.

Rustic and Floral

Fresh flowers will continue to dominate the floral wedding cakes. Unless you know a really good fondant artist, fresh flowers will add a much natural fresher look.

However, I feel the floral cakes will move away from using typical wedding flowers such as roses and lilies to more obscure, smaller, meadowy, unique kinds of flowers.

These flowers will add a rustic prairie look to your 2021 wedding cake in Ireland.

I also feel that such a prairie look is very symbolic of Irish nature, and if possible ask if your wedding cake maker could pick actual wild Irish flowers to give a real rustic natural look.

Colour Dash to Match with the Personality

I feel a lot of couples are looking for a more casual, fun, light-hearted type of wedding. And I see many traditions being thrown out of the window when it comes to the wedding cake.

The typical white fondant, anemic, boring look will be changed for a fun, vibrant, colourful cake which matches with the couples personality.

A Wedding is a very special event, and I think more and more people will want to express themselves with the venue, the colours and the cake they choose.

They want to show their friends and families that they aren’t another typical couple with another typical wedding. They want to add their own personality and individuality, and aren’t afraid to change things up a bit!

Dessert Table / Cake Bar

Another great trend I see emerging is swapping one big wedding cake for a Cake Bar / Dessert Table.

One big wedding cake may be seen as very typical and traditional, and as I said above couples want to express themselves in a fun, entertaining and amusing manner.

Last year I did wedding cupcakes for a small wedding in Wrights Anglers Rest in Dublin. It is such a lovely boutique looking venue, and the cupcakes were a perfect touch.

The couple wanted a modern option for wedding dessert which is still elegant and beautiful. And the beauty with cupcakes is that you can have a range of flavours and your guests can pick their favourite.

However, if you still want to have your cake cutting ceremony with a Cake Bar, I would recommend ordering a small 6” but tall wedding cake as a centrepiece for your Cake Bar.

I think having a Cake Bar instead of a traditional wedding cake will take some guts and courage, but I think young trendy couples will start to experiment with the different options.

I also think macaroons, meringue kisses, mini versions of traditional cakes (such as lemon drizzle, brownie, red velvet, berry tartlets) would be the ultimate Cake Bar filler.

But make sure you hire a good cake maker who is also good at making pastries and tarts etc.

I do an offer for a Wedding Cake Bar for 60 guests with a mini 6” Centrepiece Cake for €425 which includes options such as handmade macaroons, meringue kisses, mini lemon drizzle, mini chocolate biscuit squares, mini red velvet, tartlets etc.

It also includes delivery in Dublin and set up.

Or alternatively, my wedding cupcakes are €4. Please see pink wedding cupcake in box for booking.

Not Just a Pretty Face

The last thing to consider when ordering your wedding cake is the fillings and flavours. I have been to a few weddings, where the cake looks absolutely stunning but the inside of the cake is dry and boring.

Berry Frosting by Lulus Bakery

There are so many amazing flavours to play around with, make sure your cake maker gives you a few options to choose from.

I have listed a few of my flavour options below, but there are endless possibilities!

All of my cakes look stunning but they are also taste delicious, moist and mouthwatering!

The most Exciting wedding cake flavours for Wedding Cake Trends 2021:

  1. Seasalt and caramel with vanilla buttercream

  2. Dulche de Leche

  3. Lemon curd, poppyseed and cream cheese frosting

  4. Beetroot, Lemon and Chocolate

  5. Blueberries and cream cheese frosting

  6. Raffaello Coconut Delight

I hope you find the perfect cake you are looking for. If you like my work and decide to order a cake with me then please get in contact orderevescakesdublin@gmail.com or via the web chat on my website.









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