Having trouble finding the perfect wedding cake? Got a very specific style that no other brands seem to be able to meet? If you've ever been tasked with having to choose the wedding cake, you will understand just how stressful this can be.


As stated before, the cake will not only have to be edible to those present at the ceremony but it will have to carefully and accurately match the wedding theme - assuming it's non-traditional.


However, if the wedding is most certainly traditional and you are still having trouble choosing the right cake, allow me to present what I believe might be perfect for you and your desires.


This 4 layer wedding cake might just be the cake for you! This generically styled traditional wedding cake is presented in four layers. Like most traditional wedding cakes, each layer grows smaller in size from bottom to top.


Unlike most wedding cakes, this stunningly crafted cake offers a pink frosting. We can work with your florist to match your wedding flowers. The flowers are not included in the your price. 


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Elegant Pink Wedding Cake

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Sponge Flavour



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