Valentines Day has a long history, and it was quite a different celebration compared to how we perceive it today.


The beginning of Valentine's Day is believed to have originated from Ancient Rome where the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia February 13th to February 15th. This involved a lot of alcohol and a matchmaking lottery - coupling up of young men and women to see if a match lasts longer than the two day festival. Even then, Valentine’s Day was a symbol of love and fertility.


But the actual name "Valentine’s Day" was introduced much later when during 3rd Century BC, Emperor Claudius II executed two men with the name of Valentine on different years but on the same date February 14th. The Catholic Church honoured their martyrdom by calling this day St. Valentine's Day.


In the middle ages, Shakespeare and Chaucer romanticised Valentine's Day in their work and thus the holiday became more popular in Europe. Handmade cards became a token of love. And these cards bared a question “Will you be my Valentine?”


In the 19th century the Industrial Revolution turned Valentine's Day into a mass holiday with industrial Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts. Hallmark launched its Valentine's Cards in 1913. And the moth of February has never been the same for us.


So whilst many may say that Valentine's Day is just a marketing hoax, the holiday is rooted deeply in the human history. And still it remains the symbol of love and friendship.


Our bakery in Dublin has made a range of Valentine’s Day cakes and cupcakes that can be sent as gifts to your loved one. We also offer a convenient delivery in Dublin.


And of course for Valentine's Day we had to go with Red Velvet cupcakes. Our red velvet cake is made out of buttermilk, cocoa powder and a splash of vinegar. And we top it with creamy and delicious buttercream. We add handmade macaroons, sprinkles and fondant plaque with a message. Our cupcakes are a perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and for Her.


Valentine’s Day is also celebrated as a Friend’s Day across many countries in Europe. So if you want to surprise your best friend with a nice sweet gift, then get in touch now and we will deliver your Valentine’s Gift to their door on February 14th.


All of our Valentines Cupcakes come with a card and a rose to make Valentine’s Day Gift extra special. So book your online order now to get the best Valentine’s Day Gift for Him or Her.  

Best Valentines Day Red Velvet Cupcake Gift in Dublin





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