Birthdays are an incredibly personal yet celebratory time of year. With that being said, birthdays are usually very high maintenance and a lot of considerations must be made to successfully pull off a beautifully well-done celebration. 


The beautiful aspect surrounding birthdays is the very simple fact that an individuals birth is being celebrated. This aspect alone can re-new any doubts that people may have in those around them. This is precisely why offering up the most beautiful birthday cake is a must!


The birthday cake you receive on that very special day will typically highlight the love those around you have for you, this very factor combined with the reasoning stated above is why our happy birthday cake selection is just for you!


Allow me to further discuss one of our birthday cake specialities. This beautifully crafted birthday cake delivers a coloured buttercream coating that has been put together to present a floral arrangement. It is garnished with different colour buttercream flowers and sugar sparkles.


Not only is the buttercream presented in a floral arrangement but the floral arrangement is presented in a cream, green and gentle pink tone. This colour arrangement combined with the layout of the cake makes for an incredibly elegant birthday cake that you know was made with passion!


This year is your year to make an impression on those you love! You can do this by contacting us and together, we will formulate a completely personalised cake for you or your loved ones. No matter how precise your request, we will get it done. So, send in your request and we will get it done!


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Floral Happy Birthday Cake





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