Got a wedding coming up soon? If so, you will now understand completely just how much preparation such an event can take. The entire ceremony is practically in the bride and grooms hands, this aspect alone can cause an overwhelmingly high amount of stress for both parties.


Not only will the bride and groom have to ensure a beautiful ceremony but a beautiful wedding cake too! For those who've never been married, the chosen cake might appear to be a non-priority, those who have to go through this process will know and understand that this is simply not true.


Choosing the perfect cake can be challenging. There are numerous options out there not to mention the considerations that will have to be taken into account. For example, the cake will have to consist of ingredients that everyone can eat. This means an allergy check will need to be done.


Not only will the cake have to edible but it will have to match the wedding theme. The fact of the matter is this, not everyone will opt for a traditionally styled wedding. Those who don't will require a custom made cake suited to their wedding not to mention their surroundings.


With that being said, if a traditional wedding is what you're going for, allow me to present the perfect cake for you! This carefully crafted 3 layer wedding cake is presented in a very elegant manner. This can be attributed to the floral buttercream coating which surrounds both the bottom and top layer.


What makes this cake stand out is the elegantly presented purple flowers that can be seen. The purple flowers combined with the purple ribbon give this cake a true feeling of true passion.


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Purple & white 3-layer wedding cake in Ireland with purple flower

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